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XY Mold was set up in 2010, located in ShenZhen, China. Since 2010, our major business are plastic mold making and production, then through many years continuous efforts and improvements, XY Mold have already developed to be an excellent and professional mould maker which is involved in Automotive, electronic, home appliance and package industrial and so on, we also got a good reputation among our valued customers because of our high quality, right delivery time and excellent service.
At XY Mold, we value everyone’ s comments, no matter it is from our hard-working co-workers or valued customer, then improve where we didn’ t do well, and continue where we do good and striving to be better and better. Let’ s insist on our principle “Keep Improving, Serving Customers”.

Why XY Mold? 1, Competitive cost with high quality tools XY Mold purchased material from our the qualified suppliers, and we do the strict control and inspection in every steps. We training employees regular, Through focusing on optimizing every design details and machining processing technology to avoid waste. Also we are striving to machining and control well to get good T1 parts( if T1 parts ok, then no need testing again and again cause waste) to make the total project cost reducing.
2, Right delivery time. At the beginning of each project, we will make the reasonable project control plan base on customer’s request. Then our specialized project engineer will closely follow up the process to keep it complying with the agreed plan, also in every week we will provide the updated report with detailed picture and process to keep the timing under the control of both of us.
3, Professional and experienced team with good project management concept. XY Mold have a stable team with rich experience, and everyone in our team always keep in mind “Foresight, Planning, Solution” during the project management.
4, We are a young and passion team with a powerful and bright future.
We are looking forward to be your partner.



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