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The Capacity of PLA to Continue to Grow in China
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Recently, the domestic market research institute CCM International publishes the up to date report Lactic Acid and Polylactic Acid in China, production situation, technology problem, cost and other important domestic producers are mainly be surveyed in this report mainly, as well as the differences and advantages in the top five domestic producers.

Due to the feature of environmental protection and biodegradation, PLA attracts more and more attention in China. In recent years, although PLA industry has got a significant progress, it still rest on its youth. At the moment, PLA’s total capacity is nearly 20,000 tonnes in China, but the top five producers are almost expanding their capacity to reach a ten thousand tonnes level. It is evaluated that the domestic capacity is hopefully to newly increase above 20,000 tonnes. Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd which is the second PLA producer in China, due to its high quality, it owns a high reputation in domestic PLA industry.

At present, China’s PLA is in an early stage of development. It is driven by government policy support, the populace’s environmental awareness & increases of income, increasingly intensified white pollution and improvement of PLA technology. Especially the government policy, China’s government provided a special fund to support the R & D of PLA’s new technique and development of production line. Besides, China’s government also legislated to limit the application of traditional plastic, and it created a nice opportunity for the development of PLA undoubtedly. However, the consumption of PLA is not very large in China recently, most of PLA end products are used for exportation, and the reason is that price of PLA is higher then that of traditional plastic, and it becomes the main limiting factor. According to CCM’s survey, the exponential growth in PLA will continue in next 5 years. If the technology of PLA can be improved on and its price can be further decrease, its growth speed will be faster.











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